Thursday Track Night Finale..

Joe Johnson (Grumpy’s/ LGR) filled in for James Tainter in a 3k ‘Grudge Match’ pursuit. 12 laps of pure fun. I came out of the pedal off the gun but got back in no problem. Joe is a fast starter to boot so he got close. I maintained my focus and rolled 3:43. Joe’s a machine. I suspect we’ll see huge improvement from him next year.

thanks to Smithers for the video.


Linda Sone photo



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6 responses to “Thursday Track Night Finale..

  1. I should have been up in the tower to shoot that video…oh well. Next year eh?

    Nice ride Timmer.

  2. flood

    Man, you gotta ride lower! You’re up over the red line…

  3. tainter taught me the good line.. stay red then dive down onto the black then let momentum bring you back to the red.. you travel farther (slightly) but you go faster and you don’t have to fight the the bike in the turns..

  4. flood

    Really? I heard about that on bad tracks, but at Blaine? I’m having a tough time seeing it, but you’ve now gone faster than I’ve ever gone…so what do I know?

  5. a. kruse

    I learned the “lucy line” from tainter this year too… worked for me, 4 second PR in the pursuit and a faster kilo than I thought I was capable of….

  6. that Lucy line makes perfect since 2 me, but what I really noticed was it was much easyer ta control my steed,…In and than out! froooooooommmm.

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