Chewy Advice..

Here’s some of the priceless advice I got from a number of people.. thanks, i’ll use it next year.

Joe Parkin (2-time winner):

The first section is the whole race. Put most of your chips on that color.

Oh yeah the other thing is make sure you eat and drink on the descent off the fire tower hill. Then when you hit the birkie trail at the bottom if you are transitioning all of those rollers okay you are golden and you might even think about putting the wood to it. That section is LONG.

When you come out of the wood with like two mile to go just go as hard as you can

Darrin Homme (winner, tandem 1996?)

* Sleep in a hotel

* Drink good beer (none of that shit Gallas gives you!)

* Bring a chain tool

Big Daddy Don Schmiechel:

Get on me and hannas wheel on the rollout.

Aric Hareland (8th, 2006 on cross bike)

Stay away from Hanna & Schmeichel on the rollout…
Once you hit Rosies field stay to the right.  You will probably be going over your anerobic threshold  for a couple of minutes once you get into rosies field but don’t worry it will calm down a bit.  You may have to hit your pedals pretty hard before you get into the tree’s to get into a good group. Once you hit the tree’s you should be nice and tucked away into a group (hopefully).  From hear just sit in and hang on.  This will be similar to a Nature Valley paceline when riders are getting shot off the back.  Try not to let any gaps go.  If you can make it to Highway 00 (halfway point) in the first or even the second group you will more than definetly be in the top 50 overall by the finish.
Have Fun

James Tainter (you’ve done this race??!!) taint.jpg

Get through rosie’s field in tack (as in don’t let some fred take out your front wheel).  Take advantage of your fitness on the fire roads – you can fly – just have to be careful to watch when the course dips back into the woods so you don’t go in too hot and stack it – or over shoot the trail. Once up and over Seley’s – there is a lot of down hill – the hardest part is over.  some of the Berkie rollers can suck your legs dry if you can’t keep the speed rolling up and over them. There are patches of sandie spots in the first part of the race – watch for them to avoid tire wash outs. Get on a good train and stay on it.  Hall, Swanson, Tilford seem to always be aboard the right one.  Watch them. Then use all that sprint power you’ve developed at the track once you get into the ‘bowl’ at the end. !Email GeneO – he is the master.

Good Luck dude!!!! 

Gordy Paulson

Come out of Rosies field on the wheels of the first group. After that, things get stretched out and it’s impossible to work you way up to them as they paceline away. Preride Rosies if you can to find the right lines through the field and especially at the end of the field. Scout the drainage ditch at the end of the field and have a plan to safely get past it (lots of crashes happen there).

David Pramann (rode it on a Surley Pugsly)pramann.jpg

They got rain this morning which should help firm things up.  Been dusty/loose and rocky.  Biggest challenge for you I’d say is avoiding flats/mechanicals by paying attention, picking good lines, etc.  See you and Good Luck/dp

Fast Fred Feirn

Just stay close behind the four wheeler the whole time and you will win.

Ed MacHolda

Tim, It’s really pretty easy, you just go as hard as you can.  You’ll do great you have a great engine, now I’d like to get you signed up for Leadville you’d love it.

Mark Brone brone.jpg

Timmer- You’ll be fine if you pedal smooth, hit your shifts and keep your momentum going…it’s really a lot like Firehouse.  You have to go real hard on the downhills and you’ll be to the top of the next one.  If you don’t you’re fighting the course and it will win.  The faster you go the smoother you’ll be on the rough stuff…just like Paris Roubaix I believe?  See you up there sometime I’m sure. Have a good one! Mark

Ron Gallas:

Make sure your bottle cages hold the water bottles securely. I remember
losing my bottles because of the rough terrain and was totally trashed at
that Seely fire tower climb. The start is really fast cus of being on the
regular road surface. I was in top 100 when we hit the off road it was
like going up Ramsy hill in 54/12. Eat,Hydrate and I’m putting you in TOP 5.
Another time it was really cold and I opted for retro wool jersey and it
was perfect.
Good luck,

Matt Muyers

This is your year for the Cheq race. If Im around you, or you around me, I
will try and help you when i can. But the Oftedahl brothers, especially Sam,
are the ones to latch onto if you can. They are climbers and your the flat
land horse. They will be hovering top 20 all day. Keep an eye on them.
Start getting pumped! Its all mental the last 10 miles. Keep Hope Alive!


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2 responses to “Chewy Advice..

  1. T

    You should have asked me for advice.

    “Don’t do a MTB race. You’re gonna hurt yourself.”

  2. dew

    To bad I was out of the country, I could have told you all the sweet short cuts.

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