Chequamegon 40… less 38..

Two things that I’ve never done in over 25 years of bike racing; pinned on a number in a mountain bike race; ridden rollers. I couldn’t have prepared better for the Chewy 40 thanks to H-wood and the hospitality of Dave and Mary Pramann. We got up to Hayward at a good hour on Friday and H-wood and I were able to pre-ride ‘OO’ to the finish as prep. I was shocked with the demanding terrain. Road racer’s course my ass.. the road equivalent to Chewy is Durand with MORE hills. Then throw in some ass-puckering rocky decents. But H assured me I was going to be fine. On race day we woke up to sub-freezing temps and frost-covered grass. We got to the start with ample time and H and I pre-rode the roll-out and the entry point to Rosie’s field which would be the first few hundred yards of my first ever mountain bike race. Admittedly I was nervous. The start went without a hitch.. the pace was manageable and i managed my way to the very front without much effort. Going into Rosie’s I hesitated for a moment as we hammered into the ditch at about 27 mph.. I was swarmed from the left and right by a dozen riders and rolled over the first riser on the dirt single track. Riders were fighting for the dry line and two managed to cross up wheels in front of me and the tumbling started. I hit hard. the kinda hard when you check to see what might be broken. Fortunately nothing was but it was a day before I was sure. The bike was fine. I limped back to the car and wrote if off to bad luck which I had avoided all season. Next year. The worst part of it all was that I had to cut short my evening at the Snider-Cavanaugh wedding reception.

H-wood beat LeMond.


Sean Brick in the flesh!!!


Mark Brone on 29’er with HED Jet 50’s



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7 responses to “Chequamegon 40… less 38..

  1. timmer

    I figured out who the other casualty was in the crash: Mike “Simonster” Simonson

  2. mark carey

    geez, i know what you mean. I rode the cheq 40 for the first time too. Never thought I’d ride a mtn bike race.

    my time: 3 hours 37 minutes. But then I weigh 245 lbs. (cat 4 trackie – the fat loon state guy on the cannondale)

    It was pure torture. I hated it. . .

    Can’t wait til next year – I will do it again.

  3. timmer

    good stuff mark!! you sound like you might make a good time trialer;
    “this hurts.. this hurts.. why am i doing this.. this hurts.. I hate this.. oh, it’s over.. i can go faster.. can’t wait for next year!!”

  4. Damn, Timmer. I has $$$ on you. Oh well, you wouldn’t have beat that bad-ass tattooed single speeder anyway.

  5. peter odonnell

    cheq. sounds like a good time. this was the first year I was old enough to ride the 40. Already in boulder though. but next year… see ya there.

    some college kid that used to empty Jay’s trash.

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