British Time Trial Championships

I was going through some of the pics from the BTTC and had to blog about it.. these guys are cutting edge… or not..

note: no wrinkles and narrow set up (Michael Hutchinson, 3rd) but needed faster front wheel.. HED3.. Hey Michael!! call me!

why i don’t wear a breathright.. looks like it started to fall off and the whole sheild went with it.. been there, done that..

Very narrow profile (David Millar, 1st)

Low, but wrinkles (Chris Newton, 2nd and a world champ trackie)

Ronny, look familiar? classic Gios road frame

cool skinny, HED bars.. go girl

even this guy’s face is aero..

this guy’s isn’t..

my knee hurts just looking at this guy

this guy went all out but forgot to put on his race wheels and shoe covers..

1 David Millar (Saunier Duval)                                  56.57 (48.153 km/h)
2 Chris Newton (                                 1.32
3 Michael Hutchinson (In Gear Quickvit RT)                       3.13
4 Tom Burke (                                4.07
5 Robert Hayles (Team KLR)                                       4.59
6 Paul Mill (Team Edwardes)                                      5.09
7 Ashley Brown (Sportscover)                                     5.14
8 Adrian Bird (                         5.19
9 Rob Wood (Echelon Cycles)                                      5.25
10 James Williamson (Wills Wheels CC)                            5.44



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5 responses to “British Time Trial Championships

  1. ghost

    Are you sure that Chris Newton guy didn’t fly you over to race in his place–that first photo especially is a spitting image.

  2. i love that last one!

    his brake levers a backwards, and his frame is illegal too.

    he’s a total rebel.

  3. Charlie Anderson

    Did you read about the guy who rode a track tire and flatted (while ahead of Millar supposedly)? Had no support near and quit.

  4. Hi
    Glad you liked the photo’s from my website. Nice to see them being linked.


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