Chris Kerr Memorial Road Race

Win or lose the CKMRR always ranks as one of my favorite races. Last year I missed the race and the year before I surprised myself with a field sprint win over former winners Mike Johnson and Dave Metza (hidden)


This year I surprised myself again with a solo win. Darrin Homme, Matt Meyers, Tone Coughlin, Dave Pramann and myself prepresented the HC/SC crew for the day.. a great combo of guys. I’ve always wanted to see Homme’s name on the list of winners so i put myself in a domestique state of mind. I had won before and i was having a great year so it was no problem setting tempo from the gun knowing i may write myself out of the race. But if Darrin could win it’d be worth it. From the gun I got the tempo high to keep the early race at bay. The tempo never dropped making it difficult for anyone to get a dangerous early gap. Gordy made an attempt and an annonymous duo made a good move after Dallas. But when the race hit the tailwind the rollers of Barron County started to take their toll on the pack allowing Scott Flanders and Mike Johnson to get a dangerous gap. Tone made a tough bridge to the two. Seeing the race desolve in front of me I decided to bridge myself taking Jim Cullen and Pete Hanna with me. Tone would fall back to the chase. Scott and Mike were jammin and with 15 miles to go in a very fast 40 mile road race there was no room for error. Matt Meyers made a huge effort to bring the duo back after the second hill prime. The race was on. Homme was on board and the group was strong but manageable. As we rolled toward the finish the attacks started. No one wanted to take it to the line with Hanna. With about 2 miles to go I was about to lead into a corner and for a sense of security I glanced over my shoulder to see a small gap. I decided to accelerate and take an agressive line through the corner.. it paid huge as I increased the gap without much effort. I had a side-tailwind and got into a nice tt rythm. I maintained a steady gap all the way into the final turn and ultimately to the line.

After the race I packed and headed toward my pad in Eagle River (aka Evil Liver). I made a detour into the Blue Hills and hit a dynamite little brooke trout stream with my 3 weight.. A C-note will buy you the name.. if you care that is.



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8 responses to “Chris Kerr Memorial Road Race

  1. Lance

    Hey, isn’t that pic from 2005? It sounds like it was a fun race. Congrats on the win, and congrats on a killer season.

  2. timmer

    Hey Lance, yea that was 2005 when i was with Flanders.. hoping to see a pic from this year’s event.. we’ll see.

    See you at WISPORT worlds? tt only for me.. 2nd to last race of a long-ass season.

  3. superrookie

    to bad homme dropped the ball 😉

  4. Awesome report Timmer. I just barely made it up to you and Hanna when you started your bridge to Scott, Mike, and Tony. That was as hard as I’ve dug this season. Thanks for making the race hard from the start. I was confused a bit to see you on the front right away, and with a headwind, but now I get it.

  5. tcoughlin

    Prolly one of the fastest/hardest 40 mile road races I have ever done. Good joerb team!

  6. I’m gettin’ choked up just read’n this, ahhh.

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