State Road Race

This race gets my “cool course of the year” award.


Passiveness allowed a strong break to get 7’30”. This was the first occasion that i can remember having to work with GP to bring a break back. We pounded down the time gap in a lap and a half. The race outcome would’ve been different had the finish been on top of the feed zone hill.. Thanks to the Grandastay crew and LSC for finding another classic course and promoting an A+ event.



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5 responses to “State Road Race

  1. Sorry I missed it. Sounded like a beauty course.

  2. Sorry I missed it. Sounded like a beauty course.

  3. Mike

    From cyclingnews…

    “Zipp’s new Sub-9 rear disc wheel is said to actually be capable of producing negative drag.”


  4. timmer

    I suspect under certain conditions it’s possible.. considering this data from HED wind tunnel testing:
    Wind Drag In grams, measured at:
    Density .0023755(slug/ft3) temp 61 f, 19mm tire
    Wind Angle 0° 5° 10° 15° 20°
    Std Disc 189 156 102 53 34
    28 Spoke std. 221 229 273 283 292

    so, as you increase the yaw angle the ‘sail effect’ creates a decrease in drag..

    however, there are other factors to consider that i think weigh against a disc in the first palce.. primarily its weight which has a majot impact on acceleration

  5. timmer

    if you jack the wind speed up the drag numbers drop even more as the ‘sail effect’ kicks in more.. so at 13 dergees or whatever they tested at any disc would generate negative drag if the velocity was high enough.

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