Me talk pretty some day…


I come by this email because I direct a team of cyclist racing to France, we are for this year at the national level and we set up for the next year a 2008 team Elite (1st category).

My step is as follows, I seek frames or bicycles of road carbon if possible in sponsoring for approximately 10 or 15 parts. We will reveal your logo on our clothing and our vehicles like on our Internet site and all our plates of comunication.

Will know that we have 60licencies in our club and thus one possibilitée of internal sale for the others of your articles.

Thank you for your attention and your proposal this request has.

David Philippon

Come on our site to discover our atcuality and to put your comments at it, while clicking on the following bond:

Venez sur notre site decouvrir notre atcualité et y mettre vos commentaires, en cliquant sur le lien


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4 responses to “Me talk pretty some day…

  1. sounds like a local.

  2. Painman

    I like turtles

  3. Painman

    On second thought, it must have been from miss Teen USA 2007 South Carolina.

  4. Ian

    I am thinking Arkansas’ish? Maybe a little bit of Georgia in there. I don’t know. I can hear the twang. Give me some time to let me have this headache clear up from just reading that to figure it out.
    As Painman points out, I am very sure he would say, “I like turtles!”

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