State Timed events.. NSC Velodrome… more track drama

Tone had good rides in the 1k, 4k and 4k TP despite trashing his legs with me at Avon the day before.


Kristy and Gwen looking pro awaiting their pursuit starts.


Dan Currell gets my unofficial “Most Improved Track Rider of the Year” award


Russ Loukes, Director Sportif HC/SC, took time off his 4k PR on a windy day.


Hanz, Franz and Currell blasted a sub-50 second team sprint. All three newbies to the track this year!


Hollywood’s battle royale with the officials continued onto the track when he was given a time penalty for drafting during his PR 4k ride. The stands were actually full until the penalty was handed down. Even the spectators were disappointed in the decision. Tone and I had to restrain H-wood.. he then took his frustrations out on a Menards employee.




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3 responses to “State Timed events.. NSC Velodrome… more track drama

  1. see people.

    it ain’t always lgr.

  2. redBeard

    man, just think what kind of times I would get if just had a track rig….

    I can hear it now… “Dear, guess what followed me home from H’wood’s. Can I keep it?!?”

    “Yeah, in the garage, along with your bed….”

  3. Get the track bike, Redbeard. You’re killin’ me 400 miles away in Chicago.

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