Who’s legs?

Sent to me via Blackberry (a hint.. or maybe not)




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23 responses to “Who’s legs?

  1. tcoughlin

    Not Super-Rookies.

  2. tone is such a whiner.

    he must totally be on the club.

  3. Painman


  4. Definitely Casper. Muscular, but skinny legs.

  5. timmer

    Teresa moriarty’s

  6. She’s the one that needs the freakin cheeseburger.

  7. timmer

    I’ze just kidding.. and it’s Teresa Rademacher now I think.. keep guessin

  8. you, I can see the floor in the background!
    and all the dog hair too.

  9. timmer

    God damn.. leave it to the guy with chronic ADD to get the answer right.. it’s that keen eye from MCADD isn’t it?

  10. tcoughlin

    Schueller “Hero”

  11. superrookie


    move to the cities and quit complaining about races you don’t show up for anyways.

  12. yo! S-R… Tone I belive is sitt’n top 5 in the ROY I belive that means he shows up even with broken body parts. Black N’ White 4 ever!

  13. Tone may be in the black and white, but Duluth is waaaaaaay to far away to be worth anything.

    I had balloons for you TONE! wtf?

  14. Franz

    Well they are not sprinter legs and if they were a foot longer I would have guessed Jim Bells.

  15. why are they still gussess’n?

  16. is it 4:20 looks like it could be!
    check out 77 on skinski in morn races of square lk…

  17. timmer

    I thought the ‘no tan lines’ woulda been the best give away..

    it’s only 2:03 by my watch..

  18. tcoughlin

    Must be YOU.

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