Who’s are these legs?




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13 responses to “Who’s are these legs?

  1. ghost on the machine

    Lou Ferrigno’s?

  2. that dates you daniel!!

  3. ghost

    True. I’ve really lost touch with the body building scene. Another guess–some guy who should try the track. Another angle on your game…”Who’s legs are these not?” I’d vote for Super Rookie on that one.

  4. Gotta be Homme. I’d know those Calves anywhere.

  5. deffently Homme I know that product anywhere except the sugoi crap.

  6. Tone

    Homme’s, not Super-Rookie’s.

  7. flood

    Yours–for about an hour on Sunday.

  8. T

    Not mine. Tainter says I have fat ankles.

  9. Mark S

    they are way to skinny to be mine. please do tell

  10. timmer

    Darrin Homme it is..

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