Black Dog PR and Vello Bella Hamel TT win.

After the disappointment of the cancellation of the Hopkins criterium I found myself demotivating. I went into the latest Black Dog a little skeptical of my fitness. The legs were tight and kinda lifeless. However, midway through the race I knew it was going to be fast. The conditions were perfect for a 14:06, a massive 5 seconds off a PR set 3 years ago on the same night Nick Robertson went 13:49. So i’m still hoping for the perfect night and good legs. We celebrated Jordan Cullen’s birthday and had our usual post race party. It was highlighted for me by a conversation with Dan Swanson about race tactics that we were going to employ at Hopkins. It would’ve been good.

The Vello Bella Hamel TT was a season highlight for me. I felt a good ride coming on so i unleashed hell from the gun and heald on to the pace for the entire distance. The course was an A+ as was the promotion.. I got a sweet watch for the win..


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2 responses to “Black Dog PR and Vello Bella Hamel TT win.

  1. m skarp crit king

    you are so lucky I live in UTHELL
    If I move back will I be team or club
    Nice blackdog by the way

  2. Team!! of course.. fuck-n-A, sooner than later man!!

    but i’m ready to move there.. to quote my good buddy and fellow alcoholic Dana:
    “what ever happened too the real men of cycling. all it is now is a bunch a limp wristed pussies.”

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