14:16.. gettin’ closer


photo by http://www.yndecam.com/

The Black Dog TT was one of my best in a while. 14:16 earned a rare win on my favorite day of the week. 14 flat is getting closer. Good luck to the Dan, Linda, Gordy and Diane and everyone headed to Seven Springs for Masters Nationals.. maybe next year!



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4 responses to “14:16.. gettin’ closer

  1. Mercury

    Where are the shoe covers???
    They have to worth a few seconds….

  2. T

    Whaddaya mean “favorite day of the week”?!?!?

    Sorry, but Thursday is your new favorite day of the week.

  3. timmer

    I stand corrected.. thanks Taylor.. in fact thursdays are so cool that i forgot all my crap at the Track last night so i could make happy hour in time..

    Mercer, shoe covers add more room for error which outweighs the aero benefit IMHO.. i’ve had too many issues with them; they can bind under the cleat impeding float.. i can’t tighten my straps on the start line if shoes are loose.. oh, and of course.. i din’t have a pair that matched the kit du jour

  4. Ray

    16 seconds is nuthin’. Give up beer for a week and you’ll be under 14.

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