State Criterium Champions!


big team effort… a picture’s worth a thousand words..

April and May added up to some serious racing for me and i was starting to feel the effects going into the state tt on Saturday. I rolled the 6th best time good enough for 3rd in the 1/2 race. A little disppointing considering my results up to the event. Going into Sunday’s State crit championships it was time for redemption. However, when the gun went off I could still feel the 38K effort 26 hours before. The race was hard but i maintained my presence up front. The race seemed to keep itself in check as the pace never slowed. Small groups would get small gaps but panic would set in by teams missing the moves. The race was starting to spell out FIELD SPRINT.. then the unfortuante crash threw us all a curve ball; a restart with 9 to go. My legs were heavy and i weighed my chances pessimistically. As the laps ticked down I knew it wasn’t my day. Four guys got a gap including our very own Snider. It was good. The pressure was off some. Homme, myself and Aric were up front keeping tabs on the favorites. The gap was sigtnificant enough to cause some panic with 2 to go and riders attempted to bridge. It shattered the field and the race for the line was on. Homme made the first big effort to real in escapees. Before what was left of the field had a chance to regroup I got Aric on my wheel and put in my effort. I still don’t remember where i started.. on the bell? down the hill? but I know I lead into the harirpin and took it all the way to the mid-point of the hill. I knew it was damaging to the race behind and Aric was snug to my wheel. It was great to pull off knowing the effort secured Aric’s win. I wasn’t concerned with my placing anymore. It was a team win.



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3 responses to “State Criterium Champions!

  1. JB

    It might be worth a thousand words, but the story that goes with it is pretty valuable too!! Let’s hear it (when you have time)!!!!


  2. Yep, beauty leadout!

  3. timmer

    you can read? the picture was for you.. he he

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