Munich Six Day 1990

Gotch ya!!

there was no Munich 6 day for the Timmer. Just practicing my fiction writing.

But I am glad to be back on the track.



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8 responses to “Munich Six Day 1990

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  2. why let the cat out of the bag?

  3. Timmer, yer an animale! ….And you haven’t aged a bit. What a stud!

  4. Yeah, I remember hearing about that. I always wanted to ask what it was like racing against Adriano Baffi.

  5. Wow, you’re way cooler than I thought you were! 🙂

  6. dis

    nice ride to beat risi.

    now, can you beat crosby? 🙂

  7. T

    Seriously, you made that up? Dick!

  8. Dan Currell

    So, the real question is, who’s your Madison partner this week? If the juniors race this Thursday, there will be enough recovery time that we won’t have an excuse not to be out there . . .


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