The Bike Club Withrow TT


I finally threw down a big ride at an important tt. I really ripped this one.. 2 minutes faster than my previous best. Perfect weather helped and some small bike modifications perfected the ride. I brought the saddle up some to compensate for saddle sag from a rainy ride last week. I also opted for some H3 clinchers and reduced tire pressure some. I spent half the day friday investigating tire rolling resistance and went with my gut.. I had Steve Hed, Andy Tetmeyer, Mike Knutson and even Doug Millekin feeding me info. Thats some brain power. There’s way more to be said about rolling resistance than ceramic bearings and dimpling combined.



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4 responses to “The Bike Club Withrow TT

  1. thats my boy! way ta dig deep timmer

  2. Jake

    How about you enlighten the rest of us with what you learned about rolling resistance? Or at least email me what you discovered 🙂

  3. JB

    Ya… share the knowledge!!:) I thought rolling resistance was best summarized with 19-21 mm tire and 160+ PSI??:)


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