Find Hollywood!!

nope, not his keys.. they’re long gone.. or at least until he finds them.. where he put them..

anywho, our fearless leader is boarding a plane to cross the pond and live the dream for the 07 installment of the Hollywood adventures. most of you are aware of H-wood’s ability to gorilla market (see link below). This year he wants to make it interesting; the first person to find a media related video or picture of any Hollywood Cycles LOGO at any of the Spring Classics on-line will win an exclusive Hollywood Cycles Surprise package. Your video or picture link must be e-mailed to me ( the first e-mail I receive wins. forward on to anyone who would be interested..

here’s a snippet from last year’s edition (won by Justin Grim): 



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4 responses to “Find Hollywood!!

  1. Ty

    I’m not sure if the link is correct, but it’s pretty clear, that’s definitely “Wood” in the background.

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