Paris Roubaix and Joe Parkin…

This was an epic battle decided by a plastic bag. Note the results; Joe Parkin finsihed, one of only 4 Americans to do so in the history of the event (name the other 3). I was about to start my second year of racing, and stocking groceries at Cub Foods in Minnetonka. I started the season as a Cat 4 but by season’s end I was a Cat 2. In 1992 I heard rumors that a euro-pro was gracing the roads of Minnesota.. then one day I walked into Flanders so see this lanky, fit and tan rider in full Tulip garb.. APJP.. the man himself. American Pro Joe Parkin.


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8 responses to “Paris Roubaix and Joe Parkin…

  1. Joe Dirt

    American finishers


    plus there are a couple more

  2. timmer

    Up to that point (1988) the only Americans to finish P-R were Roll, LeMond and Jonathan Boyer.. in ’87 it was mentioned (by Ligget onCBS Sports) that Roll was only the 2nd American to ever finish P-R but i think it was incorrect as Boyer finished in ’83.. Lemond did in ’85 and ’86

  3. Snide

    APJP??? Andy Powell and Jane Powell?

  4. reallyoldpunk

    Late to the party but here’s my $.02. Joe Parkin is a quality person. He went Europe not as part of some “American movement” but as an aspiring cyclist willing to start from the bottom up. The fortuitous meeting of a generous bike shop owner kept Joe racing when he was almost penniless and ready to go home. The Paris Roubaix should be viewed as a crowning achievement. The fact someone can only add 2 more Americans to the Timmer’s list adds to what an accomplishment this was. The addition of his great humble and friendly personality only makes him even more endearing.

    Leave it to Hollywood Henderson to grab some attention!! 😉

  5. jfo

    I think you’re wrong with American finishers, I can name more than 3 right off the top – Lemond, Roll, Boyer, Hincapie, Andreu, Tony Cruz, Fred Rodriguez… There are probably a few more but those guys are_known_ya know.

    And yes I know this is almost two years old (thats the ‘magic’ of the internet) but if nobody ever says anything…

  6. ADD

    Up to 1988 he was only one of 4 to have finished the event.

  7. Dave Buell

    Who was the third American to ride in the Tour de France?

    Hint: It wasn’t Tim Tebow.

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