Piper Down!!!


We gotta piper down!! Cross is hard, really hard. I’ll never be good at it. After the NV/Como Park cross race, my first of the season, my new goal has become not getting lapped. I hope i can meet my goal at the State Cross Champs on 11/11.

I was fortunate enough to barely make the start of the Como Park cross.. a beautiful day had me in chore mode so time slipped past and I planned on a 2pm start. Thanks to Hollywood and the field of contenders for waiting for me. The start, as usual, was frantic.. I found my place and suffered for 2 laps when I found myself on my own. I rode pretty much alone the whole race except for a couple moments when I was being lapped. Early on I got stuck in the pedal on a dismount and pile-drived into a barrier. I though no one saw it. I was obviously wrong.


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3 responses to “Piper Down!!!

  1. What kind of pedals were those?

  2. how about thanks to the non-contenders who waited as well? I had my warm-up all dialed in… 😉

  3. “Cross is hard, really hard. I’ll never be good at it.”

    You’ll get it… It just takes a lot of practice… Just like TTing. Not that I’d know anything about that, but I put a lot of time doing cross specific training.

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